What can your website visitors tell you?

Listen to them with website traffic reports

If you have a website, your visitors may be telling you things that you never knew. Virtually all web hosts have some sort of visitor tracking included free. If you’re not monitoring the traffic on your website, you should be and here’s why.

The Internet has now advanced to the point where entire industries revolve around site traffic analysis, conversion funnels, and other jargon, but we can learn a lot if we just start with some basic questions.

4 Questions to Ask

1. How many people are coming to your site?

How many visitors come to your site every day? In a month? Do they ever come back? This is important imformation to know in order to know whether your traffic trend is growing or petering out. If it's the latter, you need to try to do something about it.

2. How do they find you?

Do people find your site through search engines? If so, what words did they search? Maybe they find you on other industry sites, or through your paid online advertising. Or maybe they just type in your address and show up. All of these answers can tell you something about their interests, problems and what resonates for them. It also can suggest what partnerships might be worth pursuing (and those that are probably not worth the effort.)

3. Where do they come from?

Do your visitors all come from one country? One state? One zip code? With this information, you might target your offerings more narrowly or broaden them to appeal to a wider market.

4. What do they do once they’re there?

So now that they’re in your site, what are they doing? What would you like them to do? How much time do they spend on your site? What pages do they visit most? If you can specify any online goals, like signing up for your newsletter or submitting a quote request, these statistics can suggest new actions to achieve them.

Virtually all web hosts have some sort of visitor tracking included free. The trouble can be that they are often difficult to understand and navigate. We can help you by implementing Google Analytics, one of the most comprehensive yet simplest traffic packages available.

You may have a great website but finding ways to learn from it and help improve your business can be low hanging fruit. Knowing more about your visitors behavior is a great tool to help you better understand your audience. Listen closely and make your website work harder for them and for your business.

Contact us today to have Google Analytics installed on your website.

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